About Us.

Our story

Founded in 2017, GWS Living Art was born out of Chop Ching Hin Pte Ltd, one of the top green commodity suppliers in Southeast Asia which was established in 1987.

We take pride in promoting sustainable living and creating a green environment that is appealing to our urbanised cities.

Our mission

To promote and advance the use of nature-based solutions in creating sustainable and liveable communities.

We believe that nature provides us with the answers to many of the challenges faced by our cities, and we are dedicated to leveraging this power to create liveable, healthy and thriving environments.

Our vision

To be a leader in sustainable urban nature-based solutions, decarbonising the world we live in.

Be part of our team

We are on the constant look out for like-minded individuals who share the same values and want to work towards living in a more sustainable world. Reach out to us here!