Irrigation Systems

State-of-the-art irrigation systems to ensure efficient water usage and optimal plant growth.


As irrigation specialists with a deep understanding of plant needs, we’re experts at designing efficient auto-irrigation systems that conserve water and optimize plant growth for each species. Our experienced team offers a range of irrigation solutions, from drip systems to a full suite of pumping equipment, in partnership with trusted plumbing partner Koon Seng Plumbing. With our one-stop, hassle-free approach, we also provide green building capabilities to offer a complete package for your irrigation needs.

Ultra Lightweight

Our GaiaMat™ Green Roof System is 2-3 times lighter than conventional systems, weighing between 25 kg/m^2 to 60 kg/m^2. Its lightweight design makes it easy to install in half a year.

Instant Green Roof

As pioneers in the soil-less system industry, our nursery cultivates tens of thousands of square meters of green mat for the market, allowing for instant greening of your roof with the GaiaMat™. This simple process increases worker productivity and safety, as it reduces the need for labor-intensive site work.


Our patented GaiaMat™ Green Roof System combines Asian tropical plants and innovative engineering technology to create a soil-less solution. This system reduces pests and dirt on your roof and inhibits weed growth without clay. It also minimizes stormwater runoff and improves water quality.

Details and Specifications

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