Plot Share

How It Started

Farming, once the most noble profession that gives and sustains life, is now often overlooked due to the convenience and availability of food. While Singapore is taking big strides towards being more food secure, most farming models do not address the disconnect between our people and food production. This motivated us to follow our calling, to put the nobility back into farming.

The Plot Share Model

This model was inspired by our belief that every individual can and should play a part in making Singapore food independent. To realize that, we have empower and integrate the community is into modern farming. Unlike conventional production-based farming, plot share lets people of all ages, from all walks of life share a space, to interact, learn and exchange farming practices under the guidance of our community farmers.

How It Works

Step 1

Select the plot package that suits you best and register with us.

We will then inform you the date in which the next plot is available for you. When your subscription starts, you will have access to your private plot where you will find all the necessary information of your plot e.g. your plot package, your growing plan as well as the upcoming events in the farm

Step 2

Start planting!

Select your crop varieties and get your hands in the soil! Our community farmers will be there for you and guide you through pesticide-free and sustainable practices to cultivate your crops.

Step 3

Enjoy your vegetable plots and watch your crops bloom.

Ideally once a week, we invite you to come during the opening hours of the farm to reconnect with nature and engage in the growing process. Make an appointment with us so that we can get a friendly community farmer to help you during your visit. In addition, you will receive updates on the progress of your plots throughout the season. At the end of the season, come down to harvest and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Step 4

Be a part of the City Sprouts’ family!

We are passionate farmers who want to support our community with this unique agriculture experience. At City Sprouts, we celebrate the value of bringing people together and revitalizing the community. We are creating an inclusive space where our community can share social experiences and exchange ideas that empower one another. That is why our urban kampong strives to organize activities to discover other aspects of urban agriculture, you will get to participate in workshops, enrichment classes and community events.

Our Farm

We believe the best way to share our love for local produce,plants and nature is by sharing our space, transporting you to a little paradise of green. Started out with only workshops and education tours at our nursery, we are soon launching 田 Tian, our new urban farm at 102 Henderson Road (former Henderson Secondary School). Stay tune for more exciting updates


We are a social enterprise whose core vision is to rejuvenate urban communities and sprout meaningful multi-generational relationships.

Tian is a sustainable plot share urban farm employing organic and permaculture principles. It will be collocated between a nursing home cum dialysis center and a childcare center.

This is part of Singapore Land Authority’s (SLA) pilot project to rejuvenate the community in Redhill and Henderson.Our goal is to decentralize food production to the people and empower the community to grow their own food

Plot share is a farming model in which you can rent a personalized vegetable plot to grow your own food under the guidance of our community farmers.

We believe that the nationwide movement of working towards food independence should be an inclusive one. Everyone should be their own urban farmer and no one should be limited by black fingers or space constraints.

Furthermore, you no longer have to break your head over the origins and quality of your vegetables. By farming with us, you become part of a journey to creating a more self-sufficient and healthier Singapore.

Yes, but within the limits of the available plots.

Yes. Our methods are guaranteed organic, our farmers do not use pesticides or herbicides and we follow the principles of integrated pest and disease management.

However, there has yet to be an organic certifying body in Singapore and since we are not a production-based farm, our vegetables do not qualify for overseas inspection.

We believe that everyone is born with green fingers, and we are here to help you unlock that. Our friendly community farmers are always more than happy to guide you and impart their skills and knowledge.

You can authorize a friend or family member to care for your plots on your behalf. Alternatively, you can notify us and engage us to care for your plot while you are away.

Should you not be able to come to harvest your produce, you can authorize us to share your harvest with other members or donate it to a good cause. We have a list of over 30 beneficiaries consisting of senior activity centers, childcare centers, educational institutions in the vicinity.