City Sprouts

Plot Share

Rent your own vegetable garden and get access to a sustainable source of fresh, pesticide-free local produce. An urban space to get your hands dirty while enjoying fret-free maintenance by our community farmer.

How It Works

Step 1

Select and register your plot package and crop variety

Step 2

Enjoy pesticide free cultivation and maintenance by our community farmers

Step 3

Marvel at the growth of your crops and harvest at the end of the growing season.

Our Highlights


Taking Ownership

In the face of Singapore’s threatened food security, we advocate for integrating the principles of permaculture and being up close and personal with growing our food.


Sustainable Food Movement

We strive to spark greater public awareness of what we put in our mouths and reconnect the community with sustainable pesticide-free food production


Events and Workshops

In collaboration with GWS Green Affair, join us in uncovering the latest knowledge-sharing workshops and building a network of urban farmers.