Our Team.


The team at GWS Living Art is comprised of talented and passionate individuals who are dedicated to creating sustainable, green solutions for their clients.

We are a team of individuals determined to help humans
co-exist with the Earth in perpetuity.

Zac Toh

Founder & Director

Tay Jor Din

Assistant Operation Manager

Alvvinn Lai

Contracts Manager

Sylvia Toh

Design & Development Manager

Ke Zibin

Finance & HR Manager

Nay Lin Tun

Construction Manager

Jason Ng

Senior Project Engineer

Zoey Tan

Human Resource Executive 

Muhammad Luthfee

Project Engineer

Muhammad Khais

Senior Project Engineer

Dionisio M Sabado

Senior Project Engineer

Sarah Tan

Marketing Executive

Be part of our team

We are on the constant look out for like minded individuals who share the same values as us and want to work towards living in a more sustainable world. Reach out to us here!