About Us

GWS Living Art takes pride in boosting sustainable living and more importantly, creating an appealing green building for you. Coming from a nursery with decades of experience specialising in plants, we provide you professional advice and recommendations of the right plants and systems for your green walls and green roofs to ensure sustainability. We are continuously giving our utmost effort to improve our technology and products to bring green into your life.

Our Main Products

Green Roof

Based on German engineering and over four decades of substantial research and experience, our green roof system is well trusted and sustainable.

Green Wall

With our green wall technology, you can install and maintain your living wall anywhere, anytime to make your wall into an art piece.

Our latest news

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3 Reasons why a Green Wall or Roof is critical

“… if we did not replace back any form of greenery and ecology, whatever we once had, would be gone.”   For a country nicknamed the green city, Singapore doesn’t seem to have much greenery in the majority of its architecture landscape. For building owners, green walls/roofs are no[...]

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Nature Green Wall | Taking Us Back to Nature

GWS Living Art, being one of your well known green wall green roof contractor has been in partnership with our sister company belalang. Taking us back to green wall nature with a blog written by our partner belalang. Since the dawn of civilization, humankind has maintained an unspoken attachment [...]

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Potted Green Wall: Functionality VS Aesthetics, the common battleground.

Functionality and form were always the key to designing different building products. With the current emphasis onto how nature should be designed into buildings, onto buildings, sustainability of these greeneries has been critical to the decision matrix of consultants, architects and developers to b[...]

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What We Did

GWS Living Art has provided cost-effective solutions to all our clients, helping them to transform their urban spaces into attractive green environment which are pleasing to the eyes while leaving green trails not only in Singapore but regionally too.

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