Gaea Forest


Improve urban landscaping with afforestation method.

The Gaea Forest is a long-term collaboration between researchers and the community to improve urban landscaping methods by establishing an urban microforest while generating valuable scientific data and promote carbon sequestration.


Methodology of the Blended Species

At GWS Living, we are dedicated to transforming urban environments through our afforestation method, Gaea Forest. Our forests are tailored with a blend of native trees meticulously balanced across four height categories: shrubs (15%), sub-tree (25%), tree (50%), and emergent (10%), where each percentage represents a harmonious blend, capturing the essence of every layer to create a harmonious ecosystem tailored specifically for urban settings.









A Innovative Solution Against Monoculture Palm Oil Farms

GWS Living Art • 13 October 2023

Traditionally characterized by single-crop cultivation, palm oil farming often leads to biodiversity loss and environmental degradation. Gaea Forest, challenges this norm with its afforestation and agroforestry techniques, diversifying the terrain with a rich tapestry of tree species, including the innovative introduction of Asian Cross Laminated Timber (CLT).


This afforestation technique diverges from conventional monoculture practices, to combat climate change, biodiversity loss, and soil erosion. Gaea Forest thrives on diversifying tree species, enriching biodiversity and counteracting the detrimental effects of monoculture, especially in oil palm farming. By fostering a harmonious relationship between palm oil cultivation and diverse tree species, Gaea Forest’s model not only restores biodiversity but also enriches the soil, enhances ecosystem resilience, and sequesters carbon.

It also yields valuable resources like oil palm and Asian CLT, making it a sustainable solution with dual benefits, thus increasing the land value. Gaea Forest’s groundbreaking methods offer a bridge between afforestation and sustainable development in the built environment sector, providing a model that challenges the prevailing norms of monoculture farming, offering the possibility of transforming even palm oil farming through Gaea Forest practices.


Restores degraded lands by creating dense and diverse forests, prioritising biodiversity restoration, soil conservation, and carbon sequestration. Embracing the concept of “Bio-mimicry,” we replicate miniature forests in urban settings, specifically design to counter monoculture farming practices like palm oil.

Instant Micro-Forest

Drawing on 50 years of expertise in nursery management and forest conservation, within our group of companies, Chop Ching Hin, has a team of highly skilled experts specialising in tree propagation and sustainable nursery practices. We meticulously nurture trees from seed to maturity for our Micro-Forest projects, strengthening the bond between nature and urban environments.

High Value Farming

Gaea Forest offers a transformative solution by increasing yields per hectare for small farmers who struggle to maintain their revenue due to climate change. While enhancing biodiversity and carbon sequestration, this approach not only improves farmers’ income but also regenerates degraded lands affected by monoculture agriculture. Additionally, sustainably harvested timber from Gaea Forest can be utilized in Mass Engineered Timber projects, significantly decarbonizing the built industry.

Carbon Capture

Our selected trees have exceptional carbon sequestration capacity of estimate value up to 245 CO2/year. Making it a substantial contribution to the mitigation of climate change..


Wetland Afforestation and Conservation

We are all about looking for innovative nature-based solutions for wetland conservation. One of our main focus is the afforestation of mangrove ecosystems to combat the challenges posed by rising sea levels. Our pioneering approach combines the natural regrowth potential of mangroves with cutting-edge technology embodied in our modular floating device. These structures not only provide a nurturing environment for mangrove saplings but also serve as a resilient buffer against the encroaching waters. By anchoring these modular units in strategic wetland areas, we enable the mangroves to take root, fostering biodiversity and enhancing the overall ecological balance. Our commitment to sustainable conservation is grounded in the belief that through the marriage of nature and technology, we can safeguard these vital ecosystems for generations to come.

Mangrove Resilience

A cost-effective solution for conserving mangrove habitats and increasing its resilience to rising sea levels. We have carefully selected species that are more resilient to changing conditions mainly native mangroves and those that can tolerate varying levels of salinity. 

Coastal Protection

Are essential ecosystems that provide a wide range of ecological and socioeconomic benefits, including carbon sequestration, storm protection, fish nurseries, and livelihoods for local communities.

Living Seawalls

Integrated into flood protection structures to create a new type of coastal environment. 


Environmental stewardship within Communities

The Forest engages communities in a crucial role as environmental stewards by involving them in citizen science initiatives. This allows for local residents to actively participate in collecting valuable data for research through volunteering activities. Their involvement is vital as it not only fosters a strong sense of connection to the environment but also empowers individuals to make a tangible impact on their surroundings. This collaborative effort not only enhances our understanding of the environment but also directly contributes to the greening and overall sustainability of our City in Nature. The community’s active participation fosters a greater sense of environmental responsibility while advancing scientific knowledge and improving the local environment.


In Progress

City Sprouts @ Punggol


Mangrove Testing Lab @ Vidacity

Details and Specifications

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