Green Module System

Green Module System

Our Green Wall Product – Green Module System, comes in two variations – Flat Bar and Hook-on. Green walls have been proven to reduce air and noise pollution and helps to cool the surrounding temperature as well. With our GMS, you get to enjoy the health benefits of the green wall via an artistic piece of work that has all the safety requirements met. In addition, the simple and sturdy mechanism of GWS systems allows you to install anytime and anywhere you want.


We hold EN13501-1 and EN45545-2 certificates for all our systems, ensuring no risk of fire spread for both indoor and outdoor walls.

Wind-Load Test

For safety reasons, our modules can withstand wind speed of up to typhoon level. This allows us to install smoothly on high heights as well.

Clip-on GMS

Allows for smooth installation and secure hold on the modules. This also means no drilling of green wall directly into wall to allow for maintenance of plants. This is suitable for high heights green walls.

Hook-on GMS

Allows for mounting onto any size of fence, BRC or wire mesh. The easy hook on system allows for easy installation and maintenance. This is suitable for low height green walls.

Features of gms


Easy Installation

Integrating the system with our 40 years nursery experience in plants, we have created a wonderful green wall system that is easy and straightforward to install.


Simple Mechanism

GWS holds thousands of pre-grown plants ready for installation or maintenance. With the simple mechanism of the Green Module System,a simple swap is all it requires to maintain the green wall.


Ultimate Guarantee

Our material has warranty for 5 years. Our ultimate guarantee is our 10-year product exchange agreement. Within 10 years, users of system can swap the old damaged plant for a new pre-grown plant in the module.


Fire Rated

We are compliant with SCDF’s standard, EN13501-1 and EN45545-2. Our green module is also a green mark product. We uphold our promise of quality and safe products and we disclose all information about our products to our clients.


Load Tested

Load testing performed on our modules using universal testing standards. This ensures it can withstand design load and is of safe material use for our clients, keeping in line with our promise of quality service.


Windload Test

Our product can withstand windspeed of 108km/hr, well above the peak in Singapore. Be assured that our vertical green will not be easily affected by winds even at high heights.

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